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In Magc Series

Forever In Magic

Her magic can protect them from evil…
But only if he believes in the power of their love. 


After years of being held in captivity, Sam Davis no longer knows who she is. Now that she’s free, the one thing she is sure about is proving she’s worthy of fellow captive Mirek’s love despite the evil they were exposed to.

Mirek Williams doesn’t need proof of Sam’s virtue. All he’s ever wanted is for her to be safe. And the best thing he can do to protect her now is to keep his distance because he’s not deserving of her love.

But with the evil let out of the magic box, the corruption of magic people is spreading frighteningly fast. And if it’s not stopped, their kind will be doomed. 

Sam is convinced that she is capable of locking the box, and Mirek refuses to allow her to face it alone. With the dark forces closing in, if they cannot find the courage to believe in their love, magic as they know it will be lost forever…

** The In Magic Series is best read in order although each book features a different couple and has its own Happily Ever After. **

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