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In Magc Series

Forged In Magic

To protect her magic, they’ll need to forge a bond…
But only if he can learn to trust her.


Kate Stone’s magic has the power to defend against magic evil. If the gifted swordsmith can forge a piece of magical metal into a lock, the evil seeking to destroy their world can be sealed away forever. Except when she tries, a sinister force attempts to infiltrate her mind.


Isaac Hull is trained in the rare art of creating magical tattoos. After a tattoo killed his brother, it’s not a gift he takes lightly. No matter how much the frustratingly beautiful and stubborn woman wants his help, he won’t risk it.


Kate knows that Isaac can create a tattoo to protect her while she works with the magical metal—if only he trusted her to know what’s best. She already lost her reputation and her heart to a man and she’s not about to let it happen again, but the more time Kate spends with

Isaac, the more she wants to believe he is different. 


When the enemy uses evil power in a way no one saw coming, Kate and Isaac end up in a fight for their lives. But if they can’t forge a love stronger than their beliefs, they may not live to see another day…


** The In Magic Series is best read in order although each book features a different couple and has its own Happily Ever After. **

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Sneak Peak...

Chapter One

            Kate Stone shivered from the early November cold as she watched her non-magic client drive away before she flashed inside her blacksmith shop. The Stone Forge was her pride and joy, something that would never let her down. Unlike a man.    

            Isaac had asked her to come over tonight. Her body didn’t have a problem with it because he could bring it to life like matches to dry kindling. It was her brain and her heart that were putting up some resistance.

            If she could just convince Isaac to fuck her and nothing else, then she’d be good. For her, it had been lust at first sight. He was tall with a lean musculature, a handsome face, and although his arms had been covered, she’d soon learned he had tattoos. Win, win, win, in her book.

            Part of the attraction could have been that Isaac Hull not only had tattoos, he also inked them on others. He was magic like her, as were all her friends and family, but he had a rare magic ability. Isaac could sense emotions when he touched people, and it allowed him to embed magical properties into the tattoos he inked. Not only was his specialty similar to hers, they were also both artists—and while she worked with metal, he worked with ink—making him even more irresistible.

            When he first came to Blue Mountain, Colorado, the city she claimed as home, their arrangement was only supposed to be temporary. She could fuck him and move on when he left. Then Isaac decided to stay.

            Since the chemistry between them had been off-the-charts they were both willing to indulge. And often. Living in the same city became a problem when they started to see each other all the time. As time went on Isaac wanted more than just sex—the exact thing she’d been hoping to avoid.

            Tonight, he was going to cook her dinner. Or maybe conjure dinner—same thing. That would lead to conversation while they ate and getting to know each other better. From there, it would progress to sleepovers. Kate wasn’t one to turn her nose up at morning sex—it was the cozy breakfast that followed because that could lead to him thinking they were a couple. As soon as that happened he would want more from her, or want her to change and that’s when she’d get hurt.

            Isaac was already starting to make her want more. He made her feel special, and at odd times of the day, she often wondered what he was doing. If she should pop into his shop to see how he was doing.

            It was a dangerous path to go down. Maybe it had been too long since she’d given herself a reminder why. But she had a simple remedy for that.

            She walked over to the small desk off to the side of her workbench and pulled out the letter-size envelope tucked into the drawer. Using her magic, she got rid of the dust, opened the flap, and dumped the contents onto the desk.

            As the years passed, the pain brought on by seeing each item lessened. It was seeing them all together that hurt so much—a reminder that she had been burnt more than once and if she didn’t remember that, it could happen again.

            As she did every time, Kate picked up the ribbon first. She let the green silk slide through her fingers and remembered how excited she’d been when the hair stylist had weaved it into her up-do. She and her friends had been talking about prom their entire senior year, and Kate’s dress and hair ribbon had hung on her closet door for months in anticipation.

            Brandon had been a friend of her brother’s in college. When he’d asked to take her to prom a few days before the dance, she’d been over the moon.

            The euphoria had lasted right up until the moment Brandon left her to dance with her friend Sonya. After his third dance with Sonya, they stopped for a drink and Brandon confessed to his real reason for asking Kate to the prom. He had been infatuated with Sonya ever since he’d seen her when he had been at the house with Damon. All he’d needed was a way to meet her that would seem casual and friendly. Kate was that way.

            Kate put the ribbon back in the envelope and picked up one of the pieces of the credit card she had cut up. Holding it in her fist, she closed her eyes and pictured Justin, who had been her boyfriend for six months. She had been so sure she was in love with him. Right up until the day he stood in front of her and said the betting had just gotten a bit out of hand, and he had been so sure the last one was going to make him rich. It wasn’t his fault that someone gave him bad advice.

            If Kate had truly loved him, a measly twenty-thousand dollars should have been nothing, he’d said. He had needed a fast way to get cash to pay off his loan shark, or the guy’s enforcers would have hurt him. Kate should understand, he’d said, since one of the only things magic people couldn’t conjure was dollar bills due to them being counterfeit. Justin accused her of being a cold-hearted bitch—saying that all she cared about was the debt he’d racked up on her credit cards, and not him.

            Kate picked up the credit card pieces one at a time and put them back in the envelope. Then she picked up the last reminder—a drawing of a sword—and put it in the envelope with the ribbon and credit card pieces. She didn’t need to relive what had happened with the drawing because the pain and humiliation Ethan had caused was always with her.

            Love and trust had shown her that they were nothing more than a myth. “Nope, never again. Sex or nothing,” she muttered, the motto she’d adopted five years ago.

            After putting the envelope back in the desk, she looked at the clock on the wall. Still over an hour before she had to be at Isaac’s. With her motto fresh in her mind, she’d be able to keep it to only sex.

Maybe if she went now, he wouldn’t be ready for dinner, and they could just have sex. Then she’d be sated and could leave.

            Liking her plan, she used her magic to lock her shop and put a small protection spell. If Maverick really wanted to get into her shop, the spell wouldn’t stop him but it might deter one of his minions. She didn’t know how much evil magic Maverick possessed, but just knowing he currently used it to terrorize all magics made her be extra careful.

            With one final glance at her shop, she flashed to Isaac’s apartment.

            Kate always went to his place, even though she loved her two-story Craftsman-style house sitting on the same two acres where she’d built her workshop. Coming to Isaac’s meant she could leave whenever she wanted. Just like she would today.

            Kate touched down in the hallway outside Isaac’s door. Not bothering to knock, she entered his apartment. She didn’t see or hear Isaac in the bright and airy open concept.

            As she walked down the hallway toward the bedrooms, she listened for where he might be, although the place was only two bedrooms.

            When she heard the shower running, her excitement amped up. Slowing her pace, she used her magic to rid her body of her clothes because they would only get in the way. Knowing she wouldn’t need them later, she magically sent them home. Her hair-tie was gone too, her red hair flowing down her back and hitting just above her ass.

            Now completely naked, she stepped into Isaac’s bedroom. The door to his bathroom was wide open. Leaning against the doorframe she took in the sight of water sluicing down over six feet two inches of tattooed lean muscle. Isaac had almost two full sleeves—his arms were both covered in black and gray designs. Kate loved watching Isaac’s muscles ripple under the ink whenever he gripped her hips and thrust into her.

            When Isaac reached for the shampoo on the shower stall’s shelf, he turned enough to give Kate a glimpse of the owl inked on his chest. She’d enjoyed licking every inch of that piece of art. More than once.

            Never before had she been as attracted to a man as she was to Isaac. Even Ethan hadn’t been the visual delight that Isaac was. Just watching him had her wet and ready for him. That’s why she had to remember her motto and guard her heart.

            Enough watching.

            Kate walked up to the large shower stall and pulled on the glass door. Isaac turned, his light-gray eyes widening when she walked into the steam-filled enclosure and closed the door behind her.

            “Hey, beautiful. Didn’t have a chance to shower at home?” he teased, his deep voice sending a thrill to her lady parts.

            “Something like that.”

            Isaac raised an eyebrow at her cryptic comment, but lust that matched her own was evident in his eyes.

            With just a look, he could make her feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet. Most people would think that was a good thing. She supposed it was, but if she wasn’t careful, it could lead to those pesky relationship feelings she needed to avoid.

            Not wanting to ruin the moment with unwanted thoughts, she took a step forward and wreathed her arms around his neck. The warm water soaked her hair down her back as she went up onto her toes.

            Each time their lips met, she felt the same excitement as she had the very first time they’d kissed. During the months they’d been together, she kept waiting for the feeling to wane. But it never did.

            Her kiss wasn’t gentle, but Isaac always gave as good as he got, and the rough passion lit something inside her. They plundered each other’s mouths as their hands roamed over one another.

            When he gripped her hips with both hands, he lifted her enough so she could feel the solid, hard length of his cock against her stomach. Her fingernails bit into his shoulders; she wasn’t sure which one of them groaned. “Yes! Fuck. More,” she grunted as he held her in the air. Rubbing against him, she tried to create the friction she so desperately craved.

            “More what, baby?” His voice was deep and raspy as his lips moved from her mouth down along her neck. Her feet landed on the wet tile as he lowered her, then his mouth and hands worked their way south, lighting her up like a forge turned on high.

            She gripped his shoulders, then moved her fingers into his hair. The sounds he made when she tugged his scalp told her he didn’t want a gentle touch either.

            Her breath caught in her throat as he took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking hard. At the same time, he used his hand to knead her other breast.

            “This what you want?” he asked as he switched to her other side, taking her nipple lightly between his teeth.

            “You. I want—” His hands and mouth on her heated skin were such a distraction, her thoughts fled, like they were swept away in a strong wind.

            She was becoming wetter by the second, and it had nothing to do with the water raining down on them. An ache had formed in her core, and she desperately needed Isaac to soothe it. The fact that he was the only one she ever wanted to take care of that problem was becoming an issue. Something she would have to think about later, when every nerve in her body had awakened, waiting for his touch.

            Isaac overwhelmed all her senses.

            He trailed one of his hands down her stomach to her core and when he slipped a finger between her wet folds, she bucked against him. Another groan escaped her as she pushed against his hand. “Oh, fuck… yes. More.”

            “You haven’t answered me.” He pulled his fingers away, and she looked down where he was now kneeling before her, the water streaming down his back. “What is it you want, Kate? I need you to tell me.”

            “Fuck. I need you to fuck me.”

            “You don’t want my mouth on you? Right here?” His fingers teased at her lower lips, and she arched into them, needing him more than she wanted to admit.

            Kate loved a great round of oral sex. What woman didn’t? But it was more intimate than sex. Even with her recent reminders, she was too vulnerable for that tonight.

            She gripped his shoulders and pulled him up. “Please, Isaac. I need you to fuck me. Now!”

            He kissed her mouth and nipped her bottom lip. “Impatient.”

            “Please—” If begging was what it took, she was willing to do it, but when he gripped her ass and lifted her against him, she didn’t have to.

            She wrapped her legs around him and fell forward against his chest as he leaned back against the glass wall.

            One of his hands cradled her ass more fully. He used his magic to support her to free his other hand. He wouldn’t get a complaint from her.

            Then all thoughts fled once again, and only sensation remained as she felt him ease her down onto his cock. They’d done away with condoms months ago. Thank fuck.

            He filled her completely, and she felt a sudden sense of everything being right, like she’d needed Isaac to make her feel complete. She wished she could bottle the feeling to enjoy it anytime she wanted.

            “Unwrap your legs,” he demanded against her neck, where his tongue was doing delicious things to her. Doing as he’d directed, she pulled her legs from around him and let them fall to his sides. His back was fully flush against the glass now, giving him more balance as he bent his knees.

            Then he gave her exactly what she craved. His hands tightened on her hips as he thrust up into her, over and over. She felt a pocket of air under her ass and loved the assistance of his magic. Knowing she could let go of her death grip on his shoulders, she cupped his face in both hands and kissed him with all the passion building inside her.

            Isaac set a punishing pace as he plunged into her, shortening his thrusts. Their breathing picked up. “Yes! Isaac!” she yelled as her body tightened and an orgasm came barreling at her. Pleasure rocked through her entire core, more intense than she’d ever felt before.

            Still punching up into her, Isaac forced another orgasm from her, her body spasming with aftershocks as he yelled her name and went over the peak with her.

            When Kate’s breathing slowed down, she noticed the water had become tepid, cooling off her heated skin. Isaac pulled out of her and lowered her feet to the ground. As he did, he kissed her softly on the lips. “That was unexpected and amazing. After dinner, I’d like to spend more time showing you my appreciation.”

            Kate felt unsteady on her feet, still reeling from the orgasms that had rocked her world, as she looked up at Isaac. She thought she saw something in his eyes that looked a lot like love. A cold panic coursed through her as she wondered if he would see the same thing reflected back at him in her eyes.

            “I… I can’t… I came to tell you I can’t stay for dinner.” Not wanting to see the disappointment on Isaac’s face, she flashed home.

            She landed in her living room, dripping wet. Using her magic, she dried herself off as she walked naked to her bedroom. She had told Isaac over and over again that all she wanted from him was sex. Yet why did she suddenly feel a deep sense of loss and shame from hightailing it out of his shower after getting exactly what she’d asked for?


            “Thank you,” Isaac said, leaning back to give the server room to remove his plate from the table. Isaac looked across the table at Meredith, who had invited him to lunch at The Magic Plate. She had called it a combined business slash family lunch.

            Setting up his shop in one of their buildings had worked out better than he’d originally thought, and it was one of the things Meredith had wanted to talk about. There was a lot of craziness going on with magic people and she said she was checking in with everyone. Said since they both needed to eat lunch, they could do that and catch up. Her husband Jack, an old friend of Isaac’s, had joined them.

            The Williams family had folded Isaac into their arms, and he was grateful for it. His mom was his only remaining family member, and he didn’t see her often, but the Williams made him feel like he’d gained a hoard of brothers and sisters.

            That made him think of how he met Kate. He definitely didn’t think of her as a sister or a cousin. More like a girlfriend who drove him crazy. She had flashed out of his shower over a week ago and had been ghosting him since then—something he was ready to remedy.

            “How’s your meal?” Meredith asked. All three of them had dug right in with very little talk. Everything at The Magic Plate was too delicious to resist when it was fresh and piping hot.

            “Great, as always. How have the staff been with—” Isaac cut himself off when Jack raised his hand. By the look of concentration on his face, he was receiving a telepathic message. Since Jack and Meredith had the power to receive and send messages over long distances, when most magics couldn’t, the message could be coming from anywhere.

            “That was Reece,” Jack said as he stood. “Kate was attacked.”

            Isaac stood and followed Jack and Meredith. It surprised him that his legs could even carry him since he wouldn’t have been able to speak if asked. Jack’s words had frozen Isaac with fear, sending chills throughout his body. Only by sheer force of will was he able to move.

            They walked into a back hallway of the restaurant that they used to flash in and out of. Without a word, they each flashed to the entrance of Kate’s workshop.

            Reece and Isabella stood in the middle of the large space. When he saw Kate on the ground, his legs threatened to give out again. Even though she had been keeping her distance from Isaac, it wasn’t what he wanted and this time he was going to be there for her, whether she wanted him to be or not. With his heart in his throat he flashed to her side.

            “We’re here,” Jack said, alerting Reece and Isabella as Isaac, Meredith, and Jack walked up behind them.

            “What happened?” Isaac asked as he knelt by Kate’s head. He had to force himself not to panic when he saw blood on her forehead. Floating his hand over the injured area, he used his magic to heal the cut, any trace it was ever there disappearing.

            “We don’t know,” Reece said. “When we got here, we noticed one of the doors was off its hinges and put out some feelers but didn’t sense anyone inside.”

            Jack hovered his hands over Kate’s torso. “Bruises and a hit to the head, but I’ve healed her. She’ll be fine,” Jack said as he waved his hand over Kate one more time.

            Thankful that Jack was able to heal Kate, Isaac waited for Kate to wake up as he expected that was the aim of Jack’s final gesture.

            Kate moaned and her eyes flung open. “Wha—” She struggled to sit up, but Isaac reached for her before she could. Sitting on the floor behind her, he pulled her up so she could lean against him and waited for her to protest. It didn’t matter what she said, he didn’t want to let her go.

            “I’m fine.” Kate batted one of Isaac’s hands away and pushed herself forward to sit up before wobbling backward.

            Isaac pulled her higher onto his lap, his arms around her waist. “For Christ’s sake, woman. You were unconscious; give yourself a second.” He’d kept his voice low, and she only hesitated a second before settling back against him. Isaac wanted to run his hands over every inch of her to make sure Jack hadn’t missed anything, but he refrained. Kate would hate him fussing over her. Not that he would consider making sure she was okay fussing, but she would.

            “Kate, can you tell us how you got hurt?” Meredith asked.

            “Someone came up behind me. I was using my power hammer, so it was too loud. I didn’t notice anyone was there until someone grabbed my arm. When they spun me around, I used my magic to grab a blade, and I jabbed at the guy but missed. It was like he had superspeed.”

            “You should have flashed away,” Isaac said close to Kate’s ear. He knew she was tough, but she didn’t have to constantly try to prove it.

            “Flash away? Are you crazy?” Kate’s voice rose an octave as she twisted in his arms to glare at him. “My forge is my life! I wasn’t going to leave all my equipment and let a bunch of assholes do whatever they wanted! And what about the mirrors? Did you just want me to leave them too?”

            “No, of course not,” Isaac said, not able to hold back the sarcasm. “But instead, you let them almost take your actual life!” He wasn’t sure if he wanted to hold her tighter to protect her or knock the damn chip off her shoulder. Maybe both.

            “Why are you here, anyway?” Kate asked as if he’d been waiting around just to flash to her.

            “I was having lunch with Jack and Meredith when Reece messaged Jack.”

            “You didn’t have to come,” Kate said again.

            “What? You think—"

            “Kate,” Jack said, putting a halt to what Isaac was about to say next, which was probably a good thing. The first time Isaac saw her in over a week and she’d been hurt, which didn’t sit well with him. Though anytime she was hurt didn’t sit well. “Tell us the rest,” Jack prompted.

            Kate turned around, her back settling against Isaac’s chest, and he wrapped his arms around her again. “There were three of them. The guy who grabbed me, a woman, and another guy. The third guy didn’t come near me, but he was definitely the one in charge.”

            “What did he look like?” Isabella asked.

            “The boss guy? His head was almost shaved, and he had olive-toned skin. The backs of his hands were covered in tattoos, but I couldn’t make any of them out.”

            Some of the color drained from Isabella’s face. “Eddie. He’s my brother. Reece and I have already had a couple of run-ins with him. Was he looking for the mirrors?”

            “Oh shit. I don’t know if they got them!” Kate struggled again to get up, but Isaac didn’t want to loosen his hold on her. “Kate—” he said quietly in her ear.

            “I’ll check,” Jack said as he stood and walked to the back of the workshop.

            Isaac looked over at Jack as he pulled on the locker door and swung it open. The locker was empty. Kate was going to blame herself, even though she was caught by surprise and outnumbered. He still hadn’t figured out how she’d gotten the chip on her shoulder, but she seemed determined to prove something to someone.

            “The door was still locked, but someone dissolved the spell,” Jack said as he walked back over. “Only someone with Maverick’s magic could have destroyed the spell I cast. Which means that the spells we’re using on the buildings at night aren’t going to be enough to keep out Maverick and his people.”

            Meredith grasped her husband’s hand. “Plus, we still have to figure out how to close the magic box since the mirrors didn’t work.”

            “We found the answer!” Isabella said, her voice full of excitement. All eyes turned to her. “It wasn’t the metal frames we needed to find. It’s the mirrors!”

            Reece dropped his arms from around Isabella and stepped forward. “We’ll get the mirrors back. We know where Eddie hangs out.”

            “What help do you need?” Jack asked.

            “Some kind of backup, but I don’t know yet. Isabella and I should go in first since Eddie will be expecting us.”
           Jack furrowed his brows. “Then you’ll need more people.”

            Isaac watched the interchange as Reece and Jack made plans, but he wasn’t really listening. Part of him was still focused on Kate. Running his hands up and down her arms, he could feel her tension, but he purposely avoided activating his magic to sense her essence. Out of respect for her, he wouldn’t do it unless she asked. But even without using his special ability to feel emotions, he could sense her decreasing adrenaline without being intrusive.

            When everyone agreed to go back to The Magic Plate for a late lunch, Isaac bowed out for himself and Kate. Sensing a growing feeling of shame welling up within her, Isaac prepared himself.

Forged In Magic Chapter One
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