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Crap! - A Coffee Mug Story™

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Along with writing novels, I write flash fiction...

Each story is exactly 250 words and I call them Coffee Mug Stories™

because they're small enough to fit on the side of your mug of coffee (or tea),

and short enough to read while you take your first few sips in the morning.

The title of today's story is "Crap!"


"Crap." He looked down at his previously white shirt, as the coffee continued to spread. He was already running late due to sleeping through his alarm and bad traffic. He mopped up what he could and grabbed his presentation and suit jacket as he left his office.

"Crap." He stared down at the notes in his hand, thinking about the meeting he’d just had. It hadn’t gone as it should have and it was his fault. He shouldn't have let his mood interfere. Time to eat some crow and apologize. He grabbed his suit jacket as he left his office.

"Crap." He reread the email again but knew there was no way around the problem but to get his team on it right away and let them know they'd need to do some over-time. He grabbed his suit jacket as he left his office.

"Crap." Peering around the car in front of his, he saw enough emergency vehicles to form an entire parade and put his car in park. He dialed home. No point in anyone waiting up for him.

Hours later, he was quiet, as he got ready for bed. Reaching for his alarm to set it properly this time he thought he should maybe set his phone as a backup, just in case. Then he stopped. His lips lifting as a slow smile spread across his face.

He got into bed, pulling his partner’s warm body up against his, and let out a long exhale.

Tomorrow was Saturday.


Until next time.....

Happy Reading,


March 7, 2023

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