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KJ's Publishing Journey

Thanks for coming along on this publishing journey with me!

I can't talk about my publishing journey without talking about my love of reading, because that's what has led me here. Perhaps it began when I was twelve and I finally got the hang of reading, thanks to my mom to who never gave up on me. Or it could have been when I read my first paranormal trilogy by Nora Roberts, or with all those embarrassing journals I wrote as a young adult. However it began, I am thankful I'm getting to do what I love... tell stories with hope, magic, and happily ever afters.

As for my publishing journey ... it started at the end of 2018, when I wrote the first paragraph to a book that would become Lost In Magic. I wrote little in 2019 and 2020, but by 2021, I decided I would one day make my dream of being a full-time writer a reality.

When I finished Lost In Magic, I decided I could do better. I expect it was my training and work as a continuous improvement advisor that was guiding me. Anyway.... that led to more writing, followed by more studying and improving, and back to more writing. Six completely different drafts later... I had Lost In Magic and its prequel, Trust In Magic, with six more books planned for the In Magic series and ideas for three more series.

I hope you'll stick around and take this writing journey with me.

Until next time.....

Happy Reading,


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