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Reconnecting - A Coffee Mug Story™

Along with writing novels, I write flash fiction...

Each story is exactly 250 words and I call them Coffee Mug Stories™

because they're small enough to fit on the side of your mug of coffee (or tea),

and short enough to read while you take your first few sips in the morning.

This is the Coffee Mug Story™ that newsletter readers voted for in April:

A Long-Time Married Couple On A Date.

The title of today's story is "Reconnecting"

Photo by Renate Vanaga on Unsplash

The man and his wife ordered, then watched the server walk away. Neither of them said a word. He took a long drink from his water glass, searching for something to say. His wife fiddled with her napkin. The silence lay between them like a heavy, scratchy, uncomfortable blanket from the bargain bin. Not at all comforting.

He looked at his wife and managed what he hoped was a semblance of a smile. He loved her. For twenty-five years they’d loved each other and raised a family together. There’d never been silence before. For twenty-five years they’d talked about what the kids had done, what the kids were going to do. Who was dropping the kids off. Who was picking he kids up. How to praise the kids. How strict to be with the kids. The list of kid things to talk about had been endless.

Earlier in the week the last kid moved out on her own.

The man breathed a sigh of relief when their food arrived. They ate in silence, savouring their meal and lingering over coffee. There was no reason to rush. No where to be. No one who needed them to do something.

“Honey,” he said, getting his wife’s attention. “For years you’ve talked about taking dancing lessons, but there wasn’t time. Why don’t we do that now?”

A smile lit up his wife’s face and she chatted about the kind of dance lessons they could take. He listened, loving the sound of her voice.


Until next time.....

Happy Reading,


May 27, 2023

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