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Og - A Wonderful Place

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

My e-reader is packed with over 1,500 books and is never far from my side, as I read every chance I get... When I'm simmering something on the stove, I have my e-reader on the counter and I'm reading. Waiting for an appointment? Reading. On treadmill? Reading. In the bath? Reading. When we're going out and I'm ready before my husband - haha, that never actually never happens, but if it did - I'd be reading.

But I wasn't always obsessed with reading because I didn't learn how to read until I was twelve.

I once got upset when my mom took me into a bookstore with my siblings and I told her she couldn't force me to buy a book. She didn't, but luckily my parents never gave up on trying to teach me what a joy reading can be.

One of my fondest memories is of my dad reading me The Secret World of Og. My dad became a Canadian citizen after he immigrated to Canada as a young man. He was so proud to be a Canadian and loved all things Canadian, including Canadian author Pierre Berton. It made sense then that my dad read the Secret World of Og to me. It's a children's book by Pierre Berton that was illustrated by his daughter, Patsy.

The Secret World of Og is a fantasy adventure in which four children (Pierre Berton's children) - Penny, the leader; Pamela, her common-sense sister; Peter, whose life ambition is to become a trash collector; and Patsy, who collects frogs in her pockets - set out in search of their baby brother, Paul, better known as the "Pollywog," who had vanished mysteriously from their playhouse.

The children learn that a small green elfin creature had been helping himself to their comic books, so the children, accompanied by their fearless pets, follow the creature through a secret trapdoor. After a downward passage, they arrive in the strange and colourful underground world of a mushroom town whose small green inhabitants love games of make-believe and know only one word: "OG!"

What follows is antics and lessons for both the children and the creatures of Og.

This story of a mushroom town, green creatures, and brave children not only holds great memories of time with my father, it helped to teach me the joy of reading. Perhaps it also started my love of the paranormal!

I'd love to hear which story you fondly remember from your childhood.

Until next time.....

Happy Reading,


March 14, 2023

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